Studio @ Home

You don't want to move to a studio?
The studio comes to you.

I will setup the studio in your home or any private spots, inside or under cover.

You won't loose time to go to a photo studio. I will setup a real professional photo studio for you.
Childs are at somewhere they know and are used to.
Also ideal for the elderly. You may then think at inter generation photos, a memory to enjoy in 20 years!

This service can be offered as a gift voucher.


- 1h00 - 12 photos - Paper or fabric background - Studio flashes     
- 2h00 - 18 photos - Paper or fabric background - Studio flashes

For each photo, 2 will be presented to you.
Should you want any extra photo editing using Photoshop, please contact me.

Some photos taken

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If you are interested or should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.