Learn Editing with Photoshop

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Learn from scratch or leverage your skills on Adobe Photoshop.

Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) for years, I will guide
you through all the techniques you dreamed about.

Each of the following training classes can be tailored to meet your current Photoshop knowledge
and needs.

Training Classes

1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Training Objective
Teach you Photoshop basics, which will allow you to make your first photo montages.

- Photoshop presentation and philosophy
  (Photoshop interface and tools, files types, layers, ...)
- Filters
  (noise, blur, liquifiy, ...)
- Essential techniques
  (essential correction tools, crop, black and white, layers, selections and masks, ...)
Duration & Price
2h00 - 75€

2. Advanced Photoshop techniques

Training Objective
Master what you learned in the Introduction to Photography course and learn more advanced techniques.

- Photoshop principles
  (advanced tools, bridge, JPG or RAW, ...)
- Photoshop advanced configuration (Windows and/or Mac)
  (user interface, preferences, profiles ...)
- Mastering your photo montages
  (advanced masks, paths, blending modes, ...)
- Automatisation and scripts
Duration & Price
2h00 - 75€

3. Beauty and Portrait

Training Objective
Everything you need to retouch beauty, portrait and fashion shots, like a pro!

- Eye retouching
- Working on Eye Brows
- Eye Lashes and Eye Liner
- Color Swatches
- Whitening Teeth
- Retouching Skin
- Full Lips
Duration & Price
2h00 - 75€

Learn How to Make Montages Like These

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If you are interested or should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.